Tindall Celebrates Over a Decade of Precast Production in Texas

Tindall has been serving Texas with pride for the past 14 years. As a leader in precast concrete building solutions, our team has delivered complex structures for practically every construction market, earning a reputation for meeting high demands on time and within budget.

One of the factors that sets the Tindall team apart from other building systems providers is our perseverance when faced with unique challenges that involve custom components, strict time and budgetary constraints, and complex architectural requirements. At Tindall, we’ve always attributed our success, both in Texas and beyond, to our people – their dedication to service, their commitment to delivering high-performance solutions, and their uncanny ability to treat each project as if it’s their top priority.

Come see how our team got its start in the Texas market and how we’ve grown to become one of the most well-respected providers of precast, prestressed concrete solutions in the state since 2008.

The Start of Tindall’s History in Texas

Our story begins in 1998 when Tindall purchased property in San Antonio, Texas. It took 10 years of preparation before precast manufacturing and operations began at the 40-acre facility. The Texas Division initially served the corrections market with precast modular cell production and later expanded to focus on all market segments. Today, the Tindall Building Systems Texas Division stands strong at over 190 employees, and the team is continuing to grow as demand for precast construction increases across the state.

Though the Texas market is incredibly competitive, our San Antonio team has earned their reputation as a preferred provider, and we’re proud of the opportunities our growth continues to provide to our employees.

Tindall’s Texas Division Continues to Grow

The team’s creative engineering solutions and collaborative teamwork, coupled with its strong network of subcontractors and impressive precast manufacturing capabilities has fueled the Division’s growth since 2008, but over the past few years, Tindall’s Texas Division has nearly doubled its production. Today, our San Antonio team is relied on by our other Building Systems locations across the Southeast. The Texas team’s production capacity and eagerness to collaborate with other Tindall locations has been instrumental in delivering some of Tindall largest projects.

Tindall Texas Takes on Sanderson Farms Manufacturing Facility

One our Texas Division’s most complex projects was the 170,000-square-foot Sanderson Farms facility in Palestine, TX which processes 1.25 million chickens every week. To help Sanderson Farms better align with its vision of being a successful producer of high-quality food products and drive revenue, Tindall supplied 248 insulated precast concrete wall panels to control temperatures within the facility.

Tindall’s Texas Division was the single source for the design, fabrication, and erection of this complex precast concrete processing plant project. As a food processing facility, this construction required remarkable insulation in order to control temperatures in different parts of the plant. That’s where our Texas team was able to step in and provide creative precast solutions to fit the unique needs of the building project.

The use of precast concrete was a perfect fit for the facility due to its durability, speed of construction, fire resistance, and the kind of clean, non-porous finishes needed for a food processing environment. Tindall’s 50 years of expertise and 10,000+ completed precast projects inspired Sanderson Farms to trust our team with creating their new Texas manufacturing facility, and, by leveraging precast concrete wall panels, helped the customer save both time and money.

Tindall Texas & the Dow Petrochemical Plant

For the DOW petrochemical plant in Freeport, TX, Tindall took an existing cast-in-place design that was estimated to take five months to complete, and converted the design to precast. The team was able to erect the structure in just one week.

Not only that, but our Texas Division was able to turn a four-month delay (due to outside circumstances) into an opportunity to speed up operations. During the delay, Tindall continued producing the necessary precast concrete components to complete four of the structures so that they were primed and ready to go. This strategic decision dramatically accelerated the schedule once construction commenced.

When construction on the petrochemical plant began, the erector was able to place 25 pieces of precast concrete per day, and half of the precast portion was completely in just two short weeks.

The client was so impressed with Tindall’s service and speed of delivery that they approached them with a new project: to convert a 47-foot-tall cast-in-place tower base to precast concrete. What seemed like an extraordinary undertaking took our Texas team only two weeks to erect.

Looking Ahead

After more than a decade of growth, our Texas team now has plans to expand as demand for unique precast concrete solutions continue to rise. The San Antonio team looks forward to handling even more complex and large-scale projects which allow them to develop unique precast solutions.

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